This month, and maybe the rest of the summer, we are unveiling the Avocado! Okay, okay, okay! Nothing new about an avocado, the fruit (actually considered a berry) has been around and domesticated for thousands of years. It has become a recent favorite because of the major healthy benefits derived from eating avocados on a regular basis.

Avocados are a veritable superfood that is great for heart health. They have 20 plus vitamins and minerals, are cholesterol and sodium-free, good in good fat, a great source of fiber and folate, all this in about 50g of an avocado which is about a third of a medium avocado. It really packs a health punch.

Why haven’t we introduced this before now? Great question. I don’t know! But we have it now and it is paired with a tomato pesto sauce, Monterey Jack cheese, with a little salt and pepper sprinkled on top, sandwiched between 4 Birds Bakery’s heavenly english muffins. YUMMY!!!

Get it now because it may not be here forever. Try a 16oz Kombucha of the day to go along with it. That there is a great healthy combo!