Core Value #1: We value the satisfaction of our customers means we understand that our customers are the reason why Dry Bones Mud House exists. The vision for DBMH was birthed from a relational desire to greet new people, grow in those new relationships, and give back to those relationships. We cannot do any of that without our customers, therefore, DBMH would not have a purpose to exist.


Value, in the context of Core Value #1, is defined as “to consider (someone or something) to be important or beneficial; have a high opinion of.” Some synonyms that I really love to carry alongside this definition are to appreciate, respect, prize, cherish, and treasure. These all affectionately describe how DBMH’s team views each person we have the privilege to interact with.


So as you come through the line, order you favorite coffee beverage, wait for your made to order drink to be crafted, we hope that you get a sense of the value that we place on your patronage. Let’s just say it this way; you are priceless! Blessings!