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If our customers are the lifeblood of Dry Bones, then our staff is the heartbeat. We want to take special care of our staff. Our success as a business, heck any business, is dependent upon a happy and motivated staff. That is why we intentionally decide to use words like team and family when we discuss anything about the awesome folks who serve for Dry Bones Mud House.

Most know the saying, “A happy wife, a happy life.” Well the same rings true for a company whose #1 core value is its customers. I always to reference Chickfila when talking about employee job satisfaction because of the experiences I have had while eating there or the people I have met and know that do or have worked there. It makes sense. They are generally nice, joyful people and when asked about their experience at Chickfila they almost always express a great satisfaction for having been an employee there. This is the type of experience and atmosphere we desire for whomever serves behind the counter of a DBMH establishment.

We believe that having this kind of experience as an employee creates a “servant’s-heart-DNA” in people that will transcend their employment responsibilities and hopefully filter through their everyday lives. This is how Chickfila has maintained such a high customer satisfaction because they believe the way to a customers heart is not just through the awesome chicken sandwiches they serve, but also through the kind “My pleasure!” attitude that they instill in their teams.

Our customers satisfaction will hopefully resonate in a great cup of coffee, but that cannot be the only reason they are fully content to visit Dry Bones Mud House. We expect that our wonderful team of baristas will transfer a sense of family to our customers and let them know we care about your experience, we are committed to your satisfaction, and we are convinced in making a difference in your day.