We celebrate hard work. How we do that is partnering with only those purveyors who value the awesomeness of coffee and people like we do. We strive to build long lasting relationships with our vendors and also those who had a part in our journey from seed to cup of the highest quality coffees we serve.

Partners like Tinker Coffee Company are exactly who we are talking about. To read more about them check out our Tinker blog post by clicking here to learn more about how awesome they are. We also consider our equipment vendors to be partners that we value as they construct and sell the best quality coffee brewing systems and equipment to allow us to serve the best and highest quality cups of coffee. Vendors like Victoria Arduino, our espresso machine maker, Wilbur Curtis, our batch brew system, and Mahlkönig, our grinder company, keep us up and running keeping us grinding, brewing, and crafting tasty coffee beverages.

Indirectly we also like to consider ourselves partners with the local specialty coffee shop community here in Indianapolis and the wider national coffee community. It is important to us to cheer on our barista brothers and sisters as they serve their communities and share in the same passion we have for this awesome little seed of delectable flavor. We all want to see the sustainability of coffee grow and strengthen. In that we have to work together in support of each other to see each shop find success. That may be through positive word of mouth, not talking down or partaking in conversations that talk down other shops, and ultimately lending any assistance we can to see to the prosperity of the local coffee shop.