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We admit it. We at Dry Bones Mud House do not know everything there is to know about coffee. Therefore, we continue to learn. With growth comes learning. When the learning stops the serving stops.

This is one of the most difficult characteristics for a barista to embrace. We are constantly being pushed to be the best in an industry that is every competitive and always changing. To combat the rise of our own egos and claiming that we know everything about coffee (impossible), we like to consider ourselves in a state of constant learning, and not for our own ambitious endeavors, but for the betterment of service and quality of cup for our customers.

I once heard that humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less. We exercise this concept on a daily basis. We can be the ‘best’ baristas, but what does that matter to our customers if the service is pious and self-serving and about the barista and not the customer. Fortunately, we have not come across any baristas like that here in Indy, but they are out there. You will not find them here at DBMH. And so we keep learning. We continue to research and read, ask questions of those with more experience and time in the game. We constantly  practice our craft honing our skills asking for constructive criticism from our peers.

Coffee is both an art and a science and therefore it must be treated as such. And just as we think we have arrived, coffee has a way of humbling us, reminding us that we do not know everything there is to know about this complex seed we call coffee.