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Wedged in between Zambia and Mozambique on the southeastern portion of the African continent, Malawi is a little country producing big tasting coffee. With a mostly agriculturally dependent economy, coffee is one of several agricultural products grown primarily in the Northern Region of the country. Mzuzu, the capital of Malawi’s Northern Region and third largest city by population, has 128,432 residents, but nearly 1.7 million living around the outskirts of the city. Mzuzu is the epicenter for coffee grown in Malawi which has been occurring since 1930. It wasn’t until 1979 a government parastatal organization was formed and named Smallholder Coffee Authority. In 1999 it was renamed Smallholder Coffee Farmers Trust (SCFT). And again in 2007 that name was then changed to Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union.

This Union has been the primary driver for Malawi’s success in exporting its coffee all around the world. Once in debt and disarray, Malawi and its union of farmers came together and restored the sustainability of coffee within the country. In a region of the country where the poverty level is nearly as high as 65% and geographic challenges present difficulty for transport of coffee to local processing centers, Malawi has pushed through and by determination created a beautiful product that is becoming more and more sought after worldwide.

Malawi coffee is often characterized as sweet, delicate, and shyly bright, keeping in step with other East African coffees as a softer, more floral flavor profile. However, Malawi does not emulate the wildly complex tastes of the more known Ethiopia and Kenya coffees. If you are able to get your hands on some Malawi Mzuzu coffee do not hesitate. They go fast. We currently only have two 12oz bags left in our shop. Blessings!