For the vast majority of the world, coffee is a commodity. For those among us who are coffee lovers – fanatics even – coffee is an experience. The experience is profound and multi-layered, but can become even more so with additional exploration and thought. The mission of Dry Bones Mud House is to “provide a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere to build community, a high-quality and unique specialty coffee experience, opportunities that foster prosperity, and customer service that is outstanding and personal”.

Community is important to DBMH because without the surrounding community it does not exist. Dry Bones believes it has an explicit responsibility to provide a third space for every individual to conduct business, rest leisurely, or connect with friends and family. This intentional approach to providing an inviting atmosphere creates relationships between individuals and fosters community growth. This is the overall vision to ‘stoke the fire for community.’

unique specialty coffee experience is accomplished through an outstanding product and the presentation of that product. Our innovative brewing equipment, efficient customer flow and work flow, and an impressive, yet simple to understand, intentional menu, will enhance DBMH’s uniqueness.

Prosperity is an obvious benefit that Dry Bones Mud House hopes to achieve, but the longevity of Dry Bones is tied directly to the prosperity of the local community. The question will constantly be asked, “If Dry Bones Mud House ceased to exist would the community miss us because of its outstanding menu items, its philanthropic attitude towards its community, or both or will it miss us at all?” As Dry Bones Mud House prospers, we want the community to prosper. DBMH desires to reciprocate the prosperity it has benefited from to its patrons.

Any café would say that great service and a quality product is a recipe for success. DBMH does not want to provide just great service though. Dry Bones is committed to providing outstanding, personal service to all our guests. Personal service is one that says the customer is not just a number, but a unique individual. Our team of baristas embraces the Dry Bones philosophy that their trade is much more than serving coffee. DBMH baristas are not only tutored in the discipline of crafting delectable cups of coffee, but they are also willing participants in building relationships.

The coffee served will be of uncommon quality, passionately prepared and skillfully presented in unique and comfortable surroundings. The food menu is be simple, yet intentional, with a focus on high quality baked goods and grab’n go gourmet sandwiches and side items. A visit to Dry Bones Mud House will provide patrons with a memorable experience. It’s an experience that excites the palate and satisfies the senses. It’s an experience that creates opportunities to make new friends or have a quick business meeting while fostering the social need for quality coffee. If you haven’t noticed it is all about the C.U.P.S.. I can’t wait to share with you our core values next time.