Please enjoy and soak in our hardCORE values:


  1. Customers – Our customers are the reason why DBMH exists. With that we want every cup of coffee to be a positive and fulfilling experience for them.
  2. Team – If our customers are the lifeblood of DBMH, then our staff is the heartbeat. We want to take special care of our staff. Our success as a business is dependent upon a happy and motivated staff.
  3. Growth – In nature growth has also been a symbol of something alive and thriving. We embrace growth and the challenges and changes that come with it.
  4. Partners – We celebrate hard work. How we do that is partnering with only those purveyors who value the awesomeness of coffee and people like we do. We strive to build long lasting relationships with our vendors and also those who had a part in the journey from seed to cup of the highest quality coffees we serve.
  5. Sustainability – Sustainability is the key to maintaining the longevity of high-quality coffee. That is why we are committed to reducing waste and consumption of nonrenewable resources and use reusable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging.
  6. Culture – We maintain that all walks of life are welcome. We drive to be an inclusive gathering rather than an exclusive club. A friendly, fun, and inviting atmosphere is something we all want and can agree on.
  7. Humility – We do not know everything. Therefore, we continue to learn. When the learning stops the serving stops.
  8. Fun – Everything we do is filtered through fun. If it isn’t fun it isn’t done.