It is a new year and at Dry Bones Mud House we are so excited to introduce a brand new ‘made-to-order’ english muffin menu. We have been serving the delectable puffs of heaven for the last month, but that was only with sweet spreads like cinnamon sugar, apple butter, paw paw jam, F.R.O.G. preserves (fig, raspberry, orange, ginger), and strawberry jam. Truly the star of the show has been the english muffin though.

Where do we get this marvelous muffin from?

Glad you asked. Jenna Gatchell, owner of 4 Birds Bakery located in Fountain Square, has provided us with the perfect breading for our new menu. The new items will be a savory addition to the sugary offerings that we currently provide on our english muffins. We will be toasting up four new sandwiches. One option has layered honey ham, a slice of mild cheddar, and whole grain garlic mustard. Another choice is our Rise & Shine breakfast sandwich with ham, an egg, and covered in melted mild cheddar cheese. We also have a Turkey Cheddar with smoked turkey, mild cheddar cheese, and a generous spread of bacon aioli. And our Turkey Pesto is dressed with a couple slices of smoked turkey, provolone cheese, and a tangy pesto aioli sauce.

If you are looking for a perfect portion of food and a low price that is filling and simply satisfying you gotta come try out one of our english muffin menu items. Throw in a coffee or tea for a complete Dry Bones Mud House experience. Once you have tasted these moist, soft and fluffy muffins with your choices of spreads or proteins and cheeses you will be immediately contemplating how soon you can come back to get another one. We suggest to be fair to your taste buds that you try all of them (Probably not at the same time though, but hey we won’t judge you if you do). Blessings!