Anyone who desires to open a business learn quickly that to be successful one must surround themselves with people who are interested in seeing you succeed as much as they desire to succeed. Dry Bones Mud House has been blessed by so many people and small business owners in Indianapolis. In this blog post I want to recognize two people and their company that has had, and will have, a lot to do with the success of DBMH.

Several years ago two brothers-in-law, Jeff Johnson and Stephen Hall, got this crazy idea to take their tinkering with roasting coffee up a notch. Tinker Coffee Company was birthed and has since emerged as a major influence in the specialty coffee culture in Indianapolis. As they have flourished so has the specialty coffee community. Through events like cupping classes, their now annual Indianapolis Cup showcase, and hosting of several brewing competitions, Tinker has put a lot of work into helping get Indianapolis on the coffee map in the Midwest.

Part of their success can be defined by their service to the many coffee shops, grocery stores, and businesses where you can find their tasty roasted beans. Our experience partnering with the Tinker team has been fascinating on many levels. We are not only excited about brewing and serving their delicious coffees, but Tinker has serviced us in many other ways. Some of those ways are the standard roaster/coffee shop relationship such as barista training, equipment purchase/leasing, maintenance and of course wholesale coffee. But Jeff and Stephen have chosen to be so much more. They connected us with many people that in one way or another have played a part in DBMH getting up and running . They led us to the Union 525 location where we are about to open this April. They even let me come in and help package coffee over the holidays. Let me just say that Dylan is the man!

It is this kind of approach to small business that DBMH hopes to pay forward to its customers, other small businesses and future coffee shop owners. Tinker truly models community and they do that through their mission statement: “amazing coffee should be available and accessible, not pretentious and intimidating.” Stop in and say hello at their roastery on 16th between Delaware and Alabama Streets. Buy some of their amazing freshly roasted coffees. Consider signing up on their website ( for a subscription and receive Tinker Coffee at your door step once a month. If you really want a cool experience sign up for a coffee cupping (just know there may be a waiting list). Do whatever you can to take the time to meet these guys who love what they do and do what they love! Thanks for being our friends Tinker Coffee Company and not just our roaster!