This is a great question for many reasons, but I believe that it is one that many coffee shops like Dry Bones Mud House are asking themselves right now. This morning my wife asked me how I was going to pay the bills. I told her I wasn’t sure. We have money in the bank. We will make it for a while, but once we open back up will the money be there to buy the items we need and get back up and running again. As we wait to hear back on various financial relief options the questions continue to mount up.

How could I spend the rest of my time as we are indefinitely closed? I could mope, complain, mull over bills and bank accounts and watch the numbers diminish. I could be depressed, enveloped by anxiety, attempting to worry away what might be insurmountable financial problems. We are almost two years old, still trying to operate regularly in the black. As a family we have invested so much. Our debt will be left to pay if we shut down. This could be disastrous!

Yes it could. And yes I could just harp on these thoughts day and night while I am in this gov’t imposed quarantine. But why? What good would it do? None. That is what worrying and anxiety get you. Nothing. I suggest you take advantage of this time. For me I am spending much needed time with my family. I am soaking that all up and more right now. As a small business owner I am quite busy and miss out on many things with my wife and kids. I am taking advantage of doing some spring cleaning in the shop and working on organizing my POS better. I am reading a lot. I am able to focus on some quiet times and more prayer time. I am blessed to have this time off.

Weird maybe to you, but I refuse to not take advantage this blip on the radar of life. I advise you do the same. The questions will be there. The answers will come. Good or bad, there are so many other things and people that could use your time and effort right now. Worrying is not going to benefit you or them in any way. So have a worry free day today. See what is right in front of you that you have the opportunity to focus on today. Do not worry about tomorrow because it will steal your joy today. Those concerns will work themselves out. There is a time to focus on them. Right now give less to worry about them, do what you can about them, and then enjoy this extra time you have. Stay blessed!