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Coffee shops are unique spaces.  Never mind that all shops are focused around the same simple drink, they each hold their own personality . The shop atmosphere may vary depending on how the coffee is served, but the aesthetic, approachability, and even customer base can add to and expand on the experience as a whole.  Each aspect plays into the other; a sort of symbiotic relationship that determines the ambiance of a coffee shop.

Even though all parts work together to create the experience, two larger facets draw me in the most. The first is creativity. Little things can bring more attention to the shop as a whole, more specifically, the bar. For example, it is a universal component in any coffee shop and may be used as a construct uniquely separating itself from other local establishments. When going to a new location, one of my favorite things to do is buy a beverage that I have not had before.  Even if it is a signature drink, watching baristas execute their processes of drink preparation is very intriguing to me.  Perhaps those are just things I enjoy due to being a barista myself, but regardless, watching that is worth half the drink for me. Each little part of the shop shows the heart of the people who are putting it together.

The second, more prevalent facet is its versatility.  Coffee shops serve a unique product that is a compliment to the experience.  One can drink coffee and accomplish several tasks at the same time. You will find people reading, studying, talking, playing, or maybe just sitting. The expectations are pretty broad. Even meetings can be diverse in context. This could mean anything from catching up with an old friend to having a deep heart-to-heart.  Such a space is beautiful because they have provided the basis for many formed relationships; friendship, romantic, business, etc..  Nevertheless, and speaking more to versatility, it is normal to see someone with headphones on, honing in to finish a project. People find so many different reasons to inhabit a coffee bar.

The creativity owners put into space becomes like art. They do not blame you for coming for reasons unrelated to coffee per se. A coffee shops unassuming nature allows them to be a catalyst for time used well.