a little of the story behind Dry Bones Mud House


In the Fall of 2013 co-owner, Danny Tippit, had an epiphany. “We are going to open up a coffee shop.” Danny went home excited to share the good news with his wife, Becky. Let’s just say she was less than excited. “Yeah right.” But the excitement of owning and operating a coffee shop never left Danny.

He pondered and prayed and thought and dreamed and finally his persistence and relentless pursuit of this grand vision impressed his wife and she bought in. Totally. Here is the kicker, at the risk of drawing criticism, full disclosure, Danny had just started drinking coffee a few years prior and Becky, well Becky doesn’t drink coffee. Even to this day, Becky let’s Danny do all of the recipe crafting and brewing. But what they both have in common is their love for people, their hearts for serving, and their strong desire to forge relationships with those they meet.

And here we have the heart of Dry Bones Mud House. The inherent implication of a dry bone is something that is dead or drained. We believe that Dry Bones Mud House is a place where people can find physical renovation or a mental refurbishing. And of course at the center of this holistic redecoration is the amazing plant species called coffea arabica, otherwise known as a tasty cup of coffee.

What we hope you enjoy when you join us for a hot cup of coffee, a tasty latte, one of our loose leaf artisan teas, creamy on-tap nitro cold brew, or a delicious made-to-order breakfast sandwich is an experience that ‘wakes dem bones up.’ We look forward to meeting you, serving you, and getting to know you in our new location at 28 E Main St in New Palestine, IN. We’re excited for this new chapter and hope you’ll come hang with us in an inspiring atmosphere drinking and eating some delicious goodies.